Adele, Gaia, Tine and Louze (the dancers)

Posted on October 31st, 2011

Spotlights, cheering audiences, it was a great time.But after Diva’s tragic loss, she started to boss us around and after a while we couldn’t take it anymore. We left and life became harder. It made us realize that everybody goes through a difficult period in their lives at least once, just like Diva. Sometimes we regret leaving the showbiz, the glamour, the fancy clothes, being beautiful. But hey, we’re still pretty nice to look at, aren’t we, girls?

Adele, the girl with the shiny hairribbon and the applicated vest,  23 cm. tall.  Price 129 euros

Tine is the dancer with  the pearly necklace,  23 cm.tall. Price 129 euros

Louze the girl  with the pink/white pearly hat-vest and dress decoration  27 cm tall. Price 159 euros

Gaia is she with the silky rose on her left ear., 27 cm. tall. Price 159 euros




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