Posted on May 24th, 2012

Generally, bears are not very preoccupied with appearances. That is, if you’ve been watching documentaries about these beautiful animals, catching fish and scratching trees. By now, you know the Border Bears, a curious family in which each member has rather different ‘hobbies’ than their ‘natural’ counterparts.

And this 18cm small white mohaired jewel is an exceptional specimen. A precious example of not being like her remote, and may I say barbaric, cousins in the wild. She might just be cover story of the Border Bears’ self-imposed image.

Does she trod around on here gobelin footpads, bathing in luxury and looking in that mirror, claiming she is a jewel? A mere object of desire, to be an accessory?

Or is she actually smarter than that? Realizing how people actually see her, slightly mocking us by posing excactly how we want to see her. Mademoiselle Adorée might just play that game of being beautiful for us. Enjoying the fact that she is above all that.

We might never know, as she doesn’t really talk about it. Mle Adorée probably lives by the fact that a bear is not defined by its words, but its actions. Nevertheless, we probably enjoy and respect her one way or the other, acting or not.

Well done, mademoiselle, you really made us think here!


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