Posted on January 17th, 2013

She met Deedee and Xanthe in a little store filled to the ceiling with old stuff people never use anymore. Amberly was buried in a small sea of table cloths, pieces of really cute furniture and the widest range of dusty costumes when Deedee and Xanthe hopped in to get a smell of that nostalgia in that shop.

Deedee started digging furiously for that treasure she wasn’t really looking for and grabbed a wonderful little white dress.

Xanthe was still baffled by the richness of it all when she saw something moving right there near Deedee.

Suddenly a gasp and a ‘Hey’ woke her up to discover Deedee was holding a dress with somebody still in it! Xanthe felt slightly embarrassed and immediately apologized for the rude behaviour of her friend.

At first, Amberly was slightly annoyed by this, but after a delicious cup of hot tea, they became acquainted, friends, even very good friends ever since.

Amberly is about 22 cm tall

Price: 129 euros

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