Posted on August 10th, 2016

Amelie has always been a bitĀ self-conscious and insecure, but something happened recently. Jocco was in town and as many a girl’s face he has seen, Amelie’s charm was worked magic on Jocco. (Just look at that picture of them together)
Amelie feels a little more secure after the encounter! (She’s great isn’t she? Just let her know every now and then…)

Amelie is 36 cm tall

Price: 245 euros

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  1. Gertie says:

    Dennis the Menace Park looks like it hasn't changed one bit since we left the area 10 years ago! We lived in Gilroy, which is about one hour away from Monterey. We loved the aquarium there and had a meipershmb, so we went to Monterey a lot.

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