Posted on January 25th, 2012
Sometimes, when the Sun’s power hits out planet, it causes a phenomenon that we like to call ‘northern lights’. It creates the most beautiful colours in the sky. This here little bear is nearly as radiant, that’s why she is called Aurora…
Aurora was made of yellowgreen mohair with tappistry pads and inside ears. Her silky dress and woolen handknitted vest are the perfect matchwith her skin.
She is about 37 c tall
Price: 245 euros
Aurora is very happy ! She is moving to Switzerland, where she’s going to live with lots of friends and Borderfamily members…(on top of that she adores the Swiss mountains !)

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  1. bron says:

    elle est magnifique et en plis elle a presque le même prénom que ma petite fille qui s’appelle Aurore.Encore une fois bravo.Salutations Anne

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