Posted on April 1st, 2013

Perhaps it is a human trait; to let linger things that deserve a slightly more immediate share of attention. You could let slip what you, and others, consider valuable.
Without aiming a finger too much, i’d like to point out that this year here in the Lowlands, winter is reluctant to leave.
Carmela and Myrthe have enjoyed a few sunny days so far, though warm they were certainly not. The hat stays on for a while, for the cold has not yet left the soil. Let us keep warm until spring sets in willingly.
And then, when she does arrive, myhaps we’ll keep these coats on not only because we are used to them, but because we just like them very much. And what we like, we keep!

carmela is, just like her twin sis Myrtle, 52 cm tall

Price 375 euros

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