Posted on October 31st, 2011

The Red Barones they used to call her.
Her four gorgeous dancers used to entertain her piano bar’s visitors until the wee hours. Until her piano player died.

Diva became rather bitter and the dancers went away looking for new horizons. She discovered you don’t need lots of people around you to enjoy good company. The bar was closed she and her long-time client Prudence are best friends ever since.

Diva is about 44 cm tall, is made of beautiful redbrown mohairs and embroided fabrics. She wears a patched dress with romantic flowers on it and a matching vest with fur collar.

Price 335 euros


2 Responses to “Diva”

  1. Iseult Thys says:

    What a gorgeous bear!!!
    Such splendid red colour display.
    Dit vraagt om een vervolg!

  2. bron says:

    quel talent et une imagination débordante merci de me faire découvrir ces merveilles

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