Posted on January 4th, 2012

A regular, if a bit posh, bear-girl. Well-dressed and mannered. Who wouldn’t like this little lady. But “Freddie”, isn’t that a boy’s name?
I guess a little explanation would be appropriate. A while ago, she was chatting and laughing with some bear-boys. One of the boys suddenly noticed her furry collar. The other boys figured it had to be real fur and started joking about it. They imagined it was her pet mouse Freddy’s little white coat. Oh dear! That was rude! She started to boil in anger, but smart as she is, quickly cooled down again. You know, boys will stay boys and she laughed with them. ┬áThe name stuck, they still call her Freddy, but she doesn’t mind. She even likes the humor in it.

Freddie is about 39 cm tall.

Price 239 euros

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