Posted on June 25th, 2016

How better to enjoy the season’s offerings than in one friends’ company see what we’ve already have in a different light and a light summer breeze?

Summer is about 52 cm tall

Price 375 euros

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  1. Rosey Brumm says:

    I have looked for who made your bears for such a long time and now I have found you. Thanks to Pinterest.
    But I am broke I just sold my other house I must wait 30 days before the money comes Thru and my tax and medical insurance all came at once.
    Could you hold Summer for me? How much would you need to holder her? You had another smaller bear to above her I will look back at.
    Please let me know I have a huge collection and I would love to have a collection of your bears too.
    Hugs Rosey

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