Posted on January 17th, 2013

Recently, Xanthe had a rather embarrassing experience. She and Deedee were strolling around in the old town. Purposefully getting lost, turning into a little street here, then entering an even smaller alley there. Deedee was quick to point out a little shop of which they couldn’t make out what exactly they were selling. “Looks like a treasure chamber!”, she yelled, and she was inside before Xanthe could see where Deedee was standing when she shouted it.

Xanthe stumbled smiling into the store after her friend a few seconds later and saw to her surprise that Deedee was holding another bear like she wanted to kidnap her!

It all turned out to be a misunderstanding. That other little bear, Amberly, had been mistaken for something that was for sale there. Deedee can be a little blind in her enthusiasm sometimes, although Xanthe agreed she would buy Amberly if she could…

In the end, the three of them actually got along very well. A small mistake can lead to great friendship!

Xanthe is about 37 cm tall

Price: 245 euros

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    Treasured beauty..!

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