Posted on November 20th, 2012

Initially, she didn’t want to be photographed. Johnette is rather shy, you see? “So, how did you succeed then?”, I imagine you think right now.

Well Johnette loves to play the piano but does not have one of her own, so we told her she was late for her piano lessons. Oh boy, did we do it when she discovered this was not the case. Well, you can see it from the look on her face.

(I’m feeling sorry for deceiving her like that)

Johnette is 32cm tall (imagine a specialized piano) and may be adopted for €215,-

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  1. Patricia MÉTAIS says:

    I have see your website and I find that you have beautiful teddy bears
    I like particularly JOhnette
    Is she available ?
    Will you go to the London show ?
    Thanks for your answer
    I leave in France

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