Posted on March 21st, 2012

Kaylen is Savines best friend, as you can see on the last picture. Together they like to LARP. No it’s not dirty, it’s something people with a lot of fantasy like to do when they have a bit of time off. Live Action Role Playing it is. The guys and (more aggressive girls) like to charge at each other with plastic swords and paper hats.

Kaylen and Savine however, like to act like powerful landladies visiting their farmlands and their cute little villages and nice people therein and so much more. Let the others play war and act miserable, what fun do these two bears have! Just look at them!

Kaylen is dresses in antique fabrics, lace and satin ribbons. She wears a fancy little handbag and a matching hair ribbon.

She is about 50 cm tall

Price; 349 euros

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