Posted on January 4th, 2012

Sometimes you stumble upon one of those priceless treasures. The moment you look at it, you know it’s going to change you.

It happened to Mabel, she was cleaning up the attic when, suddenly, she saw that big and dusty old suitcase. It was as if it was looking at her, saying: “Open me! Open me!”
It was filled to the brim with her granny’s lace collection she had been expanding since she was just a girl.
Mabel was rich!
Immediately she started draping the stuff all over her body, layer upon layer of nostalgia-loaded fabric, until she could barely carry herself downstairs.
And that’s kind of where this story ends; the suitcase is now empty, she still wears it all. And, boy, does she love it! (She’s pretty sure you like it too)

Mabel is about 49 cm tall

Price : 349 euros

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