My Wardrobe

Posted on September 14th, 2012

At first, Jeanine gave me a dark red sweater and a green scarf. I also got a beaded chain around my head (maybe to hide my ears a little?). Ingrid made me a little skirt later on and bought me some sturdy shoes.

When we left for China in the winter, I received a red duffle coat. Not surprising, as it was mighty cold!

A few years later, Ingrid got me a knitted top and some cool bermuda shorts. You can see me in those on the sunny trips. Although, to be honest, I think they’re a bit old-fashioned…

When we went to a summer course at a Scottisch university I had to go in regimentals; An ecru dress and a violet knitted vest. Very British indeed!

Sometimes I still wear this combination, when we go to more ‘chique’ destinations, like here in a Buddhist tempel in Thailand.

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