Posted on March 21st, 2016

When Suze dresses to go out, she doesn’t choose the most vibrant colors from the palette.
But if you keep looking for a while, you’ll see within the subdued tones there is an interesting contrast playing with our eyes.
Funny how much that suits Suze’s personality so well!
Bravo, girl! You let us stop for a minute again!

Suze is about 46 cm tall

Price 295 euros

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  1. I love her!…oh my goodness! This bear is so adorable. I feel so blessed she is mine. Suze is so gorgeous. From the top of her beautiful embellished head right down to her tapestry toes. Jeanine, thanks so much for making my day a special one.
    Bear hugs,
    Denise…: )

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