Workshop: Make a Border Bear!

Posted on January 27th, 2016

This is your chance to expand your collection of bears with your very own Border Bear!
We will start the workshops soon.


You will make a mohair-furred bear measuring about 37 cm tall and in the process, learn many tricks that will let your bear look like a real Border Bear!

DSCN6002The joints of the arms and head will be articulated using discs, bolts and lock nuts. The panels of your future bear will have been sewn for you in advance in order to save time. We’d like you to leave with a beautiful bear and we’ll make sure that is going to happen on that day.

The advantage of presewn panels is the certainty of a good shape, so you won’t risk any unwanted deformations. You’ll probably learn as I did, even after years of experience, this part is very time consuming.
But before we start assembling the bear, you will be extensively instructed on how to cut and sew the panels just in case you do want to repeat this process on your own.

During the day you will be treated with a varied lunch, tea and/or coffee with a little treat in the afternoon and in the evening, a tasty meal. We’re expecting your bear to be finalized in the evening, around 21:00. Then there is the opportunity to decorate your creation with a nice bow-tie or a bell for example.

On top of that, we’ll have some beautiful garments to dress up your bear if you like (not included in the base rate). The base rate does include all materials for making the bear (various colors of mohair available), actual size blueprints and detailed explanation and of course all drinks and food.


We’re aiming to get our next group to consist of no more than six people (each participant deserves our full attention!)

Currently available dates are:

  • Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th of March 2016
  • Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of March 2016
  • Friday 8th  of April 2016
  • Thursday 21st of April 2016
  • Monday 2nd of May 2016
  • Wednesday 25th of May 2016

We’ll start by making brother Flinth (boy) or sister Celeste (girl), you can see what he or she might look like in the pictures.

The workshop will take place in Baarle-Nassau (NL) and will start at 10:00 in the morning with your choice of delicious hot drink and a pastry.

The cost of the workshop will be 225 euros.


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